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Federalism brings services and politics closer to people: EU Ambassador Lorenzo

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KATHMANDU: As Nepal and the European Union (EU) mark half a century of diplomatic ties, EU Ambassador to Nepal, Veronique Lorenzo, emphasizes the significance of federalism in bringing services and politics closer to the people.

Amidst the celebrations, she sheds light on the diverse array of events planned to commemorate this milestone.

The EU’s support for Nepal extends across various domains, from development programs and political dialogues to initiatives fostering investment, education, and green economy transitions.

While acknowledging Nepal’s achievements, including its impending graduation from LDC status, the Ambassador emphasizes the need for sustained economic growth and the management of transitioning into federalism.

Addressing the issue of youth migration, she highlights the importance of providing opportunities within Nepal, encouraging reverse migration through investment and business ventures.

The EU’s focus on renewable energy, education, and governance underscores its commitment to Nepal’s development.

Ambassador Lorenzo also envisions Nepal as a burgeoning hub for investment and innovation, inviting greater collaboration and exchange.

In a conversation with Khabarhub’s Ishwar Dev Khanal, Ambassador Lorenzo reaffirmed the enduring friendship between Team Europe and Nepal, expressing optimism for continued collaboration and mutual growth.

She extended a message to the youth, inviting them to explore the vibrant culture and opportunities Nepal has to offer, echoing the sentiment of solidarity and partnership that defines the EU-Nepal relationship. Excerpts:

Nepal and the EU are celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations this year. How do you plan to commemorate this milestone?

Actually, it’s not just the European Union celebrating this year. Both the EU and Nepal are commemorating the 50th anniversary together (laughs).