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Imminent crisis averted, opposition’s game plan doomed: PM Dahal

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda/File Photo
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KATHMANDU: Prime Minister (PM) Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, who is also Chairman of Maoist Center, said that despite various attempts by the opposition to destabilize the government, their efforts will now fall flat.

Addressing a meeting of the Maoist Center’s parliamentary party at Singha Durbar on Friday, PM Dahal assured members that the ruling coalition will remain intact and urged them to serve the people with confidence.

In his briefing on current political affairs, he highlighted the challenges faced in passing the budget smoothly through Parliament.

“It was tough, but that phase is behind us now. The rumors are baseless; there’s no crisis,” one MP relayed PM Dahal’s words from the meeting.

“The opposition is trying different tactics, but their endeavors won’t bear fruit anymore,” PM Dahal asserted.

He emphasized to MPs that while there are lingering challenges, the coalition government stands firm, dismissing any possibility of a movement against it.

Reflecting on the hurdles encountered from factions within the government during the budget process, he acknowledged the internal strife but underscored the government’s perseverance.

“We faced internal hurdles, but our relentless efforts prevailed,” PM Dahal affirmed. “Their attempts failed; ours succeeded.”