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India plans to require USB-C connectors for smartphones and laptops by 2026

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NEW DELHI: India is set to introduce a new rule making USB-C connectors mandatory for all smartphones and laptops by 2026, in line with global efforts to standardize charging methods and reduce electronic waste.

As reported by GSM Arena, smartphone makers must adhere to the USB-C standard by June 2025, while laptops must incorporate USB-C ports for charging by the end of 2026.

Indian policymakers’ decision follows similar moves by the European Union, which recently mandated USB-C connections beginning this year.

According to GSM Arena, the aim is to simplify user experience by ensuring that all compatible devices use a single charging cable, thereby reducing the proliferation of proprietary chargers and cables.

This shift is expected to encompass a wide array of devices beyond smartphones, including tablets, Windows laptops, and MacBooks, promoting compatibility across various platforms.

Significantly, the requirement does not cover smaller accessories like fitness bands, smartwatches, earbuds, or basic feature phones, with the focus primarily on larger electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops, according to GSM Arena.

(Inputs from ANI)