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JSP division aimed at halting conspiracy against government: Minister Sah

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KATHMANDU: Following the split within the Upendra Yadav-led Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP) on Sunday, seven lawmakers and 30 central committee members have applied to the Election Commission to establish a new Janata Samajbadi Party.

In light of these recent developments, Khabarhub conducted an interview with Forest and Environment Minister Nawal Kishwor Sah, representing the faction departing from the party.

Nawal Kishwor Sah

The split of the party was unexpected, wasn’t it?

It may seem so. However, those advocating for the public’s interests could no longer tolerate the instability and unilateral decision-making within the party. While it may appear sudden, we had been contemplating this for some time.

Why did you decide to split from the party?

Our leader did not heed our concerns regarding the stability of the government, leaving us with no alternative but to part ways.

Why did this decision come about particularly when Upendra Yadav is abroad?

We live in a connected world. The objective of the division is to ensure stability for the current government.

Are you suggesting that Yadav was working against the current government?

Yes, he was orchestrating a significant conspiracy against the government. We refused to be complicit in that. He was collaborating with certain individuals to advance this scheme.

Are you implying collaboration with Madhav Kumar Nepal?

I cannot disclose that at this time.