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Koshi Barrage: 41 sluice gates opened

Koshi Barrage/File photo
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BIRATNAGAR: The Saptakoshi River has seen a significant increase in its water level, prompting the opening of 41 sluice gates at the Koshi Barrage.

On Sunday morning, the flow measured at the Koshi Barrage reached 316,800 cubic feet per second (cusecs).

Responding to the escalating water levels, the Saptakoshi Hydromeasuring Center has activated 41 out of 56 gates at the Koshi Barrage.

As the water levels continue to rise above the alert mark, the Center has issued safety advisories for residents living along the banks of Udaypur, Sunsari, and the Saptakoshi River.

Additionally, cautionary signals, represented by red lights, will be activated: westward when the water flow drops to 150,000 cusecs, eastward at 200,000 cusecs, and centrally at 300,000 cusecs.