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NC’s obstruction in Parliament aimed at splitting coalition: RSP

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KATHMANDU: The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) is continuously obstructing the Parliament, demanding an investigation into the Chairman of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), Rabi Lamichhane. Lamichhane, who also serves as the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister.

NC has alleged that that millions of rupees from cooperatives in Pokhara and Butwal have been embezzled.

As the Nepali Congress obstructs both houses of the Federal Parliament, Lamichhane and RSP leaders insist they should be given a chance to express their views.

Khabarhub spoke with RSP Vice Chairman and Labor Minister DP Aryal about the obstruction in Parliament and its impact on the parliamentary committee.

You say that the RSP is different from other parties, but why do you seem hesitant to investigate your party Chairman?

We have consistently emphasized the importance of allowing us to voice our concerns, after which appropriate actions should be taken.

Why, then, is Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane not given the platform to speak in Parliament?

In a nation built on the principles of free speech and democracy, everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves.

The undemocratic behavior displayed by the Nepali Congress, in stifling the voices of others, is concerning. Is this level of censorship acceptable?

Nepali Congress is presenting evidence implicating the Home Minister in the cooperative fraud case! Have you conducted an investigation?

Everyone has the opportunity to speak! We are prepared to form a committee.

Are you implying that we won’t form a committee after speaking in Parliament?

After speaking in Parliament, we will proceed with forming the committee.

Nepali Congress may have taught us to be resilient, but we do not wish to adopt such lessons.