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NEPSE surges by 9.87 points; Nabil Bank leads with 130 million turnover

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KATHMANDU: On the closing day of the trading week (Thursday), the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) experienced a noteworthy ascent, with the NEPSE index surging by 9.87 percent, reaching a substantial 1860.20 points.

This positive market movement has been accompanied by a boost in overall business activity.

Today, NEPSE reported a robust turnover of Rs 1.34 billion, a marked increase from the previous trading day’s turnover of Rs 90 crores.

In today’s dynamic market, 161 companies witnessed an uptick in their share prices, contrasting with 67 companies that saw a decline.

Additionally, the share prices of 10 companies remained stable.

Remarkably, Buddhabhumi Hydropower stood out with the highest increase in share price, soaring by an impressive 9.97 percent.

Nabil Bank emerged as a key player, boasting the highest turnover of Rs 130 million.

However, the bank faced a setback today, with its share price declining by 8.20 percent, attributed to an imbalance in the number of sellers and buyers in the market.