Sipradi Trading: A major player in AUTOMOTIVE & ALLIED business

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Updated 10:59, 28 Sep 2020

Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. (STPL) is one of the fastest growing trading companies.

 As the sole distributor of Tata Motors Ltd for Nepal, STPL sells full range of Commercial and Passenger vehicles manufactured by TATA along with providing spare parts and service. 

Sipradi Trading Private Ltd (STPL) has been the exclusive distributor of Tata Motors Ltd in Nepal since 1982. 

STPL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. STPL sells and services the full range of Tata Motors’ commercial and passenger vehicles. 

The company has the largest sales and service distribution network throughout Nepal. It has 18 sales offices and 22 service centers dedicated to Commercial vehicles manufactured by TATA Motors Ltd., India. 

 It also has more than 300 spare parts outlets across the country.  

Under Sipradi umbrella, Sipradi Energy represents Exide Industrial batteries along with Luminous inverters and other various line of products.

In the heavy equipment market, Sipradi Earthmovers sells heavy construction equipment from TATA-Hitachi and tractors from New Holland, India.

Sipradi Autoparts which deals with garage equipment’s and spare parts from TATA is the market leader in its segment. Established with a view to revolutionize the pre-owned vehicle industry in Nepal, Sipradi Assured is the latest addition to the Sipradi family.

With wide range of sales and service network, it is also a exculsive distributor of Mak Lubricants and Exide Batteries, STPL caters to the need of the customers.

Bharat Petroleum (BP) offers a full range of Automotive Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Transmission oils, Specialty Oils and Greases. 
The correct usage of these Lubricants of right quality ensures prolonged and trouble free vehicle operation, providing maximum benefits to the users of present day modern vehicles.

In 1998, BP re-launched lubricants in new attractive packs, mainly in the automotive category with three major brands depicting each segment- Mak for Diesel Engine oils, Automol for Petrol Engine oils and Glide for Two/Three wheelers(mainly 2T then). 

In the year 2003, BP decided to go for a umbrella brand-MAK Lubricants, in subsequent years, branded all our industrial grades with MAK.

MAK today is know in India as the “Champion of all engines”. STPL has brought MAK to Nepal and distributed through its various channels for its valued customers.

Exide operation is one of the most dedicated and well-managed company that believes in Company growth, Staffs welfare and development and finally the most important of all customer satisfaction. 
Exide is one of the most decorated and trusted brand that is available in market as of today’s date.

With a business legacy of more than fourteen years it is able to set itself as one of the top premium brand in Nepalese market.

 With its diversified product varying from different ranges of batteries and different segment it is able to satisfy the demand of different customers that seeks us to satisfy their needs.

Exide Product ranges starts from automotive segment which includes Passanger car batteries, Light commercial vehicle and Heavy commercial vehicle batteries and with three product specific batteries E-ride for E-rickshaw, Jaikisan for Tractor and Eko for 3 wheeler.

Similarly it deals with Inverter battery followed by 2 wheeler motorcycle batteries. Exide division also markets Exide HUPS which is based on high technology DSP module.


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