Tourism sector getting momentum with increasing flow of visitors

By Nepal All

Updated 08:52, 03 Dec 2020

KATHMANDU: The number of the foreign tourists arriving in Nepal is gradually increasing despite the tough time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The record maintained by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) shows that 220 thousand 120 foreign visitors have visited Nepal in 11 months of this year.  January, February and March witnessed the largest flow of the foreign tourists in the country this year.  

The statistics shows 1,957 foreigners visited Nepal in November alone.  The NTB added that the number of visitors were on rise by 5 to 10 percent in the country lately.  

A total of 447 tourists visited Nepal from the USA, 295 from UK, 209 from China, 123 from India, 102 from Russia, 58 from Canada, 37 from Japan, 35 from South Korea, 34 from Australia, 33 from France and 28 from Belgium. 

Similarly, January witnessed 79,686, February witnessed 11,400, March witnessed 34,025 and April witnessed only 13, May witnessed 30 and June witnessed 100 foreigners in the country.

Likewise, a total of 195 foreigners visited Nepal in July, 268 in August.. 

Following the gradual flow of foreign visitors, NTB is preparing strategic plans to welcome more tourists in the county. 

According to NTB director Mani Lamichhane, the Board was bringing effective plans to attract more tourists in the country.   

He said that the international tourism market was adversely affected due to pandemics and would come into normalcy after the reliable vaccination facilities for containing the COVID-19 pandemic in the world and in Nepal.  

The international flights were restricted from March 21 and were lifted from September 11 with adopting health safety protocols. With the resumption of international flights, the national tourism market is waiting for positive response as the sector remained worse-hit in the country due to corona virus infection. 

Meanwhile, the government has issued some relief packages with funds to revive the tourism sectors.


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