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RSP sets criteria for ambassadorial nomination

Rastriya Swatantra Party office in Kathmandu/File photo
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KATHMANDU: The Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has introduced rigorous standards for the appointment of ambassadors, highlighting transparency and meritocracy.

According to the party’s guidelines, candidates must adhere strictly to constitutional principles and national laws during their diplomatic service.

To qualify, nominees must be Nepali citizens aged at least 35 years, with a spotless professional record ensuring eligibility for future governmental roles.

They must not hold permanent or temporary residency from any foreign country, nor have any criminal convictions related to corruption or conflicts of interest, as per the criteria.

Additionally, potential ambassadors should possess extensive experience in diplomatic missions or international relations, and a deep understanding of Nepal’s economic interests, global trade dynamics, and development finance mechanisms.

Candidates are required to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of Nepal’s domestic politics, foreign policy, national security, as well as a nuanced understanding of geopolitics and international relations.

The RSP also stresses the need for ambassadors to exhibit visionary leadership, adept crisis management skills, and proficiency in negotiation.

Moreover, candidates should embody integrity, transparency, and a strong commitment to national service.

Preference will be given to those with a proven track record in esteemed national or international organizations, leadership positions, significant contributions to various sectors, and a Master’s degree in relevant fields such as economics, politics, law, or international relations.

Fluency in both Nepali and English, along with strong advocacy skills to promote Nepal’s policies and global image, is essential.

Prospective ambassadors will undergo a rigorous interview process assessing their ability to strategize and manage crises effectively.

According to RSP, its criteria has been aimed at ensuring that appointed ambassadors uphold the highest standards of competence, integrity, and dedication to advancing Nepal’s interests on the global stage.