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RSP removes Mukul from the positions of General Secretary and Spokesperson

Dr. Mukul Dhakal/File Photo
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KATHMANDU: The Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has removed Dr. Mukul Dhakal, who was previously suspended, from his position as General Secretary and Spokesperson.

In a central committee meeting held on Tuesday morning, the party decided to relieve Dhakal of his duties as General Secretary and Spokesperson.

Despite recommendations from the party’s disciplinary committee to remove him entirely from the membership, the Central Committee opted to retain his general membership.

A paryt leader said that Dhakal has been given 35 days to appeal the decision.

Dhakal was suspended for seven days due to activities against party discipline and contrary to party interests.

He attended the previous meeting wearing a mask and black tape, but did not participate in today’s meeting.

The controversy surrounding Dhakal intensified when he spent a month preparing a report on various party issues.

He criticized party Chairman Rabi Lamichhane’s leadership and alleged that the party would not succeed in the upcoming elections under current management.

Dhakal demanded that his report be made public and insisted on live coverage of the central committee meeting, a request opposed by over 90 percent of central members.

Despite objections, Dhakal released the report to the media during the meeting, further escalating tensions within the party.