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Schools closed in Kailali as temperature surges past 43 degrees celsius

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KATHMANDU: Schools have been shut down in the Kailali district as temperatures surged past 43 degrees Celsius.

Kailali recorded a maximum temperature of 43.36 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

The schools were closed after students began experiencing health problems due to the extreme heat.

Officials noted that Kailali is experiencing such high temperatures for the first time in 28 years.

Last year, the district recorded a highest temperature of 41 degrees Celsius.

Tikapur and Lamkichuwa municipalities decided to close schools until June 3, starting today.

Additionally, institutional schools in Tikapur are scheduled to remain closed until June 8, while community schools are preparing for a holiday beginning on June 9.

Meanwhile, schools in Janaki and Joshipur rural municipalities are operating only in the morning when temperatures are comparatively lower.

The Terai region of Nepal is currently battling extreme heatwaves, posing significant health risks to residents.