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There was no reason for party split: JSP leader Suman

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KATHMANDU: Amid the surprise move by Ashok Rai to split the Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal and establish a new faction, Manish Suman, the spokesperson for JSP, expressed astonishment at the unexpected development.

Speaking to Khabarhub, Suman said he had received no prior indication of the party’s split.

The split occurred while Suman was away, adding to the unexpectedness of the situation.

Reflecting on the sudden turn of events, Suman emphasized that there seemed to be no valid rationale behind the decision to fracture the party.

With Upendra Yadav, the Chairman of the party returns to Kathmandu from United States, the timing of the split adds further intrigue to the unfolding political landscape.

In an exclusive interview with Khabarhub, Suman sheds light on the implications and aftermath of the division within Jaspa Nepal.

Did you know that JSP Nepal was going to split?

I heard a lot of discontent. The split was not supposed to happen. I was “surprised”.

There was nothing serious. I am also in the district. I will find out more later.

We are separating from the party, Ashok Rai’s team did not inquire about where you are?