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UML withdraws support from Bagmati Province government

CPN-UML ministers tendering their resignations to Bagmati Province Chief Minister Shalikram (L). Jammakattel
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HETAUDA: The CPN-UML withdrew its support from the Bagmati Province government.

On Monday, UML ministers tendered their resignations to Bagmati Province Chief Minister Shalikram Jammakattel and announced the cessation of their backing for the current government.

This decision comes amidst shifting political dynamics, placing the CPN-Maoist-led government in a precarious minority position at the provincial level.

The resignation of UML ministers aims to unsettle the existing government, potentially paving the way for a new alliance between UML and Nepali Congress.

Such an alliance could seek to form a government in Bagmati Province that aligns more closely with the central political framework.

In response to UML’s departure, Chief Minister Jammakattel, now facing a minority status, expressed his intention to seek a vote of confidence in the provincial assembly.

He acknowledged the resignations with regret, highlighting the inevitable uncertainties in political alliances.

The UML ministers who resigned include Economic Affairs and Planning Minister Jagannath Thapaliya, Irrigation Minister Ekalal Shrestha, Health Minister Rameshwar Shrestha, Forest and Environment Minister Keshav Prasad Pokharel, and Industry, Commerce, Land, and Administration Minister Prakash Shrestha.