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Women made great sacrifices for advancement of human society: KP Oli

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KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli acknowledged that women have made the most significant contributions to the advancement of human society.

Speaking at the UML-affiliated National Women’s Gathering in Kathmandu on Wednesday, Chairman Oli highlighted the struggles and sacrifices made for women’s equality and movements.

“Recent newcomers may claim that despite changes in the system, the situation remains the same. They do not understand the previous conditions and the struggles endured. Tremendous sacrifices were made for women’s equality and movements,” he stated.

The UML Chair acknowledged physical differences but emphasized that in every other aspect, men and women are equal.

He pointed out that the responsibility of nurturing humanity also rests with women.

“Our society is distinct in its mutual cooperation compared to foreign countries. I never considered my mother second to me. The issue of women’s dignity is everyone’s concern,” he added.

Oli credited women for the UML’s achievements, saying, “Women’s efforts have played a crucial role in bringing UML to this point.”

Former Prime Minister Oli urged everyone to initiate action and take up new initiatives to create opportunities.